Reason for this blog and its title

This is an introductory post as most first posts are.

I am Rachel, a born again believer of Jesus Christ. I am also a freshman Spanish Education major at Cedarville University and journal daily to process my thoughts (hint hint very introverted). I love laughing and strive to be optimistic even in the seemingly worst circumstances. I am loving the college life, surrounded by countless encouraging brothers and sisters in Christ.

Anyways, I have wanted to make a blog for some time but never had a reason to, no ideas profound enough to post. (Jamie & Shelby were the final inspiration to actually do this – go checkout their blog) With much reflection of my journaling I have decided to compile the most impact thoughts here, to inspire others. I also have been contemplating ways to document my future study abroad experiences of the coming year. I have a Youtube channel as well but it would be tedious to film and edit everything I want to share. Facebook was also an option for keeping people up to date on my experiences but seemed too impersonal. Of course I will take thousands of pictures, but sometimes words and explanations are needed. (despite the saying) 

You many wonder what repeated encounters even means. Let me explain.

When I was brainstorming titles for this blog I was trying to find one that would encompass all the topics I wanted to discuss and share. I finally decided on repeated encounters. Let’s dwell on encounters for a minute. We encounter people, places, trails, blessings, joy, temptation, love, hurt and many other tangible or intangible things. I have found my self repeatedly coming back to many thoughts, places, feelings, and the Gospel. The Gospel is a constant, but it is the basis of my life and all of my other encounters. We experience many encounters and we hope the best ones will be repeated. This picture perfectly describes the cultural aspect of my repeated encounters. It is kilemitro cero in Madrid, Spain. If you touch it you are destined to return, and it just so happens that I will be returning this fall. A repeated encounter with Spanish culture!

kilo zero

So with that I would like to share parts of my life with you, to encourage and inspire.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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