He Sustaines Me

Chronicles 16:34
O give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; For His loving kindness is everlasting.

Dios ha sido bueno conmigo

Pasan los dias

El  siempre provea

Viene estrés pero El lleva un descanso, salida

Tantas oportunidades que iniciaron con riesgo

Y el me los da sin parar

Ahora sabiduría es lo que necesito

Quiero hacer tu voluntad Dios

No esperaba tanto pero ahora me lo has regalado, bendecido

Todo para su gloria

Pero temo que un dia no habra tantas cosas buenas y vendrá la tempestad

En aquel dia, Dios, ahora y para siempre, estaré en tus manos Señor.

(english translation at the end of the post)

This is something poem like ( I don’t know what classifies writing as poetry but it’s not long so I’m calling it a poem) that I wrote, originally in Spanish and it was actually pretty difficult to translate to English and still have the meaning that I wanted to convey.

This comes from a period of being on a mountaintop, and I am currently still there. No matter how busy or stressed I am the Lord continually blesses me with opportunities and relief in the midst of stress. He is sustaining me above it all. I know that in the future it may not feel this way and I need to trust Him even then. He is good ALL THE TIME. I would like to credit this mountain top to my effort in my relationship with the Savior and the quality time that I have been spending in His presence lately but I know that it is nothing of my doing, rather His work in me.

I felt as though I should share this a proof of the work that God does in our hearts when we are in communion with Him. It’s literally this simple. He is on my mind more often because I am filling my mind with him; through his word, prayer, and worshipful music. This isn’t boasting just praising the lord for what He has been doing in my life hoping to encourage others to pursue His glorious face as well.  

Before I was afflicted and went astray but now I keep your word. You are good and do good; teach me your statutes. ~ psalm 119:67-68


God has been so good to me
Days go by
And He always provides
When stress comes He brings relief and rest
So many opportunities that I began with taking a risk
And He grants them to me without end
Now what I need is wisdom
God, I long to do your will
I couldn’t have wished for so much but now you have gifted me these blessings
Everything is for your glory
But I fear that one day there will not be as many good things, and the storms will come
In that day, now and forever, I am in your hands Lord.




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