His Glory On Display

Saturday we spent the whole day at the orphanage. Going into the day I was excited to spend time with the kids and see all the plans that we had made for the skit, zumba, and gift become a reality and see the kid’s joy. As always the heat was a factor in Haiti and this day was no different. As we passed the hours running around with the kids playing various game God continued to provide the strength needed to carry on and make the most of our time with the kids. At the orphanage we did a skit of the story of Jonah for the kids. After they were asked questions by Pastor Lubin about the story. One child’s response particularly touched me. Her response was as follows “Jonah is ridiculous. God told him what to do and he didn’t listen and went the other way” This convicted me. Hearing it put that way from a child made me consider the ways in which I am “ridiculous” and rebelling against the Lord’s will and calling. The Lord works in mysterious ways. As we had prepared this story to bless the kids I too was blessed in return.

On Sunday we went to church. It was exactly as I had imagined. Enthusiasm, soulful singing of praises, and energized passionate preaching with the congregation jam packed into the building with fans going to fend off the heat. The electricity even went out twice but that didn’t stop the Holy Spirit from working. In church we did special music. We did a few songs in English but we had taken the time to lean “Your great Name” in Creole so that we could bless the Haitians in a way that they would be able understand the langue and hear the Gospel in their heart language. The Lord provided in this experience as the night before the service we were still struggling to get the lyrics right but on Sunday it went smoothly without mistake. The Lord is so faithful.

After church we made our way to the maternity ward of the local hospital. God was powerfully working through our little cookie sale fundraiser in the lower SSC which was used to purchase baby formula. We went to the hospital to distribute the formula as a team, giving it to the most needy babies and families. After handing out the formula and praying over one of the babies with a heart condition we formed a circle as a team and one of our members prayed for all of the babies and mothers and the hospital as Pastor Lubin translated, so that all of the hospital would be able to take part in what we were doing. After praying one woman raised her hand and said she needed Jesus.  Pastor Lubin walked over to her and prayed with her. That day we gained a sister in the Lord. We were brought to tears. The most amazing thing is that this woman is from the community where Mercy Hospital is being build and will someday be served by it! We couldn’t have ever imagined that from a cookie sale that a woman would get saved. We though the formula would save lives but instead it saved souls! God is faithful to provide much more then we can imagine when we are faithful in serving Him.

On our final day in Haiti was a difficult one. We were planning on going to the beach but it had been raining heavily the past 24 hours. We ended up spending time together as a team in the mission house and playing games; Avalon, Dutch blitz and euchre. It was a great way to end the trip bonding further with newly made forever friends and resting after a week of hard work. But this made it all the more saddening that we would be saying goodbye in one day. We also made a visit to Mami Bo who shared her godly wisdom and passion for the Lord with our team. I talk about that more in this video.  In the afternoon we went to the beach but it was far from dreamy. The storm had washed trash up onto the beach and muddy water filled with debris. We ended up playing sings under some tress while it continued to rain. Restful rainy days to spend with our team in Haiti were blessed times to spend with new friends we would soon be leaving.


The next morning we woke up at 3 AM to ride the bus for 6 hours to Port. On the way we passed through multiple areas where the Haitians had dug out the road where there had been a mudslide from the day’s previous rain storm. Their hard work and helping community disposition is never ending and something that we can all learn from.

Leaving Haiti was sad. I was leaving a great team that was encourage and constantly proclaiming the name of Jesus in every action, as well as new friends and the atmosphere of service that the trip entailed. Upon returning home my house feels like a mansion and I take none of it for granted. Now at home I am working through what that “Something” I am supposed to be doing is. Being back to the normal mundane life, and soon work, it may not seem like I am actually doing much, making much of an impact on the world or for Jesus. I must trust that God has me where He has put me for a reason and surrender my life to His will.

“We are not bringing Christ to poor communities. He has been active in these communities since the creation of the world, sustaining them by his powerful world. Hence, a significant part of working in poor communities involves discovering and appreciating what God has been doing there for a long time!”
~ When helping hurts p57

I believe the Lord called me to Haiti to learn more about selfless service through doing so and to see His glory so clearly on display, in how He is working mightily around the world. Seeing this in Haiti changed my perspective and made God even more amazing and incomprehensible to me!

It’s a love Haiti relationship!

Your name is a light that the shadows can’t deny

Your name cannot be overcome

Your name is alive forever lifted high

Your name cannot be overcome

~ “Tremble” Mosaic MSC


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